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In this LMScast episode, Arnas Donauskas discuss and shares about WordPress Hosting.

Arnas Donauskas is the product owner of Hostinger, a web hosting company. Hostinger offers the most affordable WordPress web hosting services. They provide hosting packages specifically designed for WordPress websites, offering better performance, enhanced security, and improved compatibility for WordPress sites.

Continuous improvement is highly valued by Hostinger. They offer a variety of plans, allowing people to choose according to their specific requirements. Arnas advises considering the budget and opting for a shared hosting package for course creators embarking on their first project. To create online courses, users can install WordPress and useful plugins like LifterLMS. It is essential to ensure that the website has enough space, so being aware of any restrictions in the hosting package is crucial.

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Episode Transcript

Chris Badgett: You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to create, launch, and scale a high value online training program. I’m your guide, Chris Badgett. I’m the co-founder of LifterLMS, the most powerful learning management system for WordPress State of the end, I’ve got something special for you. Enjoy the show.

Hello and welcome back to another episode of L M S Cast. Today I’m joined by a special guest. His name is Arnas. He’s from Hostinger, which is a web hosting company that’s been around since 2004. They’ve got some rock solid WordPress hosting. We’ve just tested it with LifterLMS. It performed very well. It’s a very affordable, approachable option.

And we’re gonna get into the What Hostinger is what it’s all about today. Welcome to the show.

Arnas Donauskas: Hi, Chris. Happy to be here and thanks for reminding me today. Yeah. 

Chris Badgett: Tell us a little bit about hosting or like the, the origin story. Where did, where did hosting or come from? And, and I know now it’s like big, you guys have data centers all over the place and you know, you have customers coming in from all over the world.

I know you’re, you’re, you have, you’re big in places like Brazil and I’m watching on YouTube, all these multi-language videos, people talking about hosting her. Where did all this, where did this story begin? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, I would be happy to share that. So, as you mentioned in your intro everything started at 2004 at November as a, in the same city I’m living at right now.

It’s in Konas, Lithuania, and group of tech, tech people. Basically Ki kickstarted this personal company and named it hosting Media. Then after the years after innovations and the new things, everything kickstarted, when we started creating our own panel this was like a new thing when we, you know, We are not offering like cPanel, but it was our in-home custom functionality and so on.

And throughout the years of, you know, the innovations, new, new stuff built in, new features that were made by us. Yeah, hosting your brand came in and yeah, really happy about the, the naming of it, the branding of it, the, the coloring and yeah all of the team’s hard work really paid off and.

It’s, it’s really amazing to see the company growing every, every year and getting public explo exposure to communities like WordPress and other, other smaller ces.

Chris Badgett: What do you see like what do you see about the WordPress community? I mean, you guys created WordPress specific hosting. Mm-hmm. Tell, tell us more about that offer and where it came from and how it’s going.

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, so, It’s quite let’s say, straightforward. It’s not a secret that WordPress is you know, the most popular content management system there is with the volume of the webspace there is. And we wanted to, you know, to offer a hosting plan that is directly dedicated for it that it would benefit the user itself.

How is the setup procedures going off the plan and what they were able to, you know, To experience it because the, once you get the WordPress hosting plan, you straight up get the WordPress and you just jump on the onboarding and fill out the details, you know, on selecting the preferences, theme plugins, and you’re ready to roll on making your website to, with your unique content.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. And, and when somebody asks you, how do you answer the question? What makes hosting or different? Or special what? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. Yeah. So there, the, there are times when this question is asked quite often, and especially, I like that question in the World Camps what I really like is that we have our own servers.

 This is one of the reasons why we were able to provide these prices to the customers because our infrastructure is our own. So we ordered the pri, the, you know, the service specification details, all of the, you know bare metal things. We send that to the de designated location and our team assembles everything and perhaps it to get it going.

So we have, you know, that control. Of our own infrastructure and you know, maintenance of it and so on. This is one of the things. Then of course the custom panel. Why I like this because it’s the thing where you can keep on growing and it at quite good pace. Let’s say we see a demand in some specific feature that clients may like and the.

There’s nothing stopping, there’s no no stopping us. That why we shouldn’t create it for and deliver it to the clients if we see, you know, a need for it. And yeah, these are the things like that, come straight directly to my mind. 

Chris Badgett: That’s, that’s awesome. And you’re, you do a, you’re the product owner of hosting.

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, I’m currently a product owner of the web hosting product. 

Chris Badgett: Tell us how, tell us about that role. I’m, I’m a product owner of LifterLMS, so, but what is it like at a hosting company? What kind of things are you looking at and how does what kind of things are you working on to, you know, continuously improve hosting?

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. So as a product owner at the hosting product, what I do is Work on the new upcoming initiatives that we will be delivering to the clients. I work closely with the developers, with the designers, how this feature should function, how it’ll look like, and then we’ll be altogether, make that happen on hosting it itself.

 So if like we have, you know, the like upcoming No, have our own public roadmap with the released features. In the upcoming features. So let’s say one of the initiatives I, as an example I worked on is the, it was released quite some time ago, but it just directly came to my mind, is providing WordPress vulnerabilities on the plugins, on the themes and the core versions.

And it’s one of the initiatives they work on with the developers and how we can represent it better for our clients. So they would get, you know Benefit from it and were able to keep their site secured. 

Chris Badgett: Very cool. Hosting her appears like super international. Mm-hmm. In, its, in its reach and its kind of, its culture.

Tell us about that, like just the international nature of hosting her. 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. So we have A lot of colleagues working all around the world. We do have an office in Brazil like a physical office and the, yeah, we really have a great marketing team on spreading the word globally about hosting here.

 But we not only limit ourselves here marketing, but we have people all around. We also hire people from all around, all around the world. So over the time, the word of that you know, Just grew on, and I believe it’ll keep on growing And yeah, more worldwide the news will come from hosting yourself.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. And you mentioned Word camps hosting or started doing more with Word camps. I’m looking forward to connecting with you at Word Camp Europe that coming up this year in Greece. Yeah, like how does, how do, how do you guys think about Word camps? What do you guys do there? And how has it affected the hosting company?

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. So I’ve personally been, right now, I believe the three of them And yeah, it’s been, what I really like about Orcas from my personal view is that I’m able to talk with the ver people directly and ask what they expect out of the hosting provider. What are their struggles that they would expect from the hosting provider, you know, to sold out or, or even in some of the cases, like I believe it was in the.

The us world camp us, where I’ve met a few people that are already our clients and they just came in with the feedback and that was really amazing to hear directly feedback from them. So for me as a product owner world Camp’s really is a great place to gather feedback, to know the community, what are their expectations and yeah.

Chris Badgett: And that’s, that’s awesome. So. What, what would you say to like a, a course creator, like somebody, let’s say it’s their first website, they’re coming to hosting, or they’ve got big hopes and dreams. They’re, they’re kind of new to the this is like their first website project. How should they think about getting started on your platform to, to build their online business, their online education company?

Arnas Donauskas: It’s pretty simple, to be honest. Of course when you’re creating not only a course product, but any, any like website, you need to think of the budget, your, of yourself. But for the course, program program, I know we have clients that do that and keep going on doing that, and the base of them do increase.

 I would pick our shared hosting plans. Out of the of the pricing and like directly installed the WordPress and the one of the plugins that could be installed is like LifterLMS since it’s and as direct assistance and like in terms of limitations, I do know that websites that provides using, you know, tutorials on certain things could take up more spaces.

So I would also di directly check on the limitations of the hosting plans since, you know, since you’ll be paying money. You don’t want to like, run out of short of the space anytime soon And, yeah. We handle all of the installation of the WordPress. You just click to install it, select your theme, and create your first tutorial, how to solve a certain task.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. And, and how should somebody think about scaling? Let’s say, you know, first they’re just building in private. Nobody’s really coming to the website. Then maybe they get. You know, a hundred users and then things start to take off and maybe we get up to a thousand, 10,000 or more. How sh how do they think about scaling mm-hmm.

And being supported, or traffic spikes and that kind of thing. 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. So I’m gonna go like directly, is it all cool if I go with the plant names? Sure. Go for it. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s say from my personal recommendations for Clients who would create websites where they make tutorials and so on.

I would recommend like the business hosting plan out of the shared scope. And we actually assist in this place for our clients. We show what’s their usage, what’s their traffic from coming from different countries, and we inform clients, let’s say, One day you start to reach like 80 or 90% of the resources that are being currently used.

 We first suggest them to go over. Perhaps there’s something happened with the website that is only like a one-time thing. We do have a A feature called Boost Plan, which what it does for you, it increases your limits free of charge, and you can just try out a higher tier plan without actually committing to it.

 So you would see oh yeah, it was a one time spike. It can happen, it everything would go back to normal. And your website would be like up and running without issues. But if it’s more of a constant thing, then you would get like a, a recommendation to step it up and, you know, go with a higher tier hosting plan.

But as I mentioned, the boost feature will give you like a free tryout of that higher tier plan. 

Chris Badgett: Yeah. That’s awesome. And I just wanna mention, I usually don’t like doing, saying prices on, on content because they change and whatnot. But that’s, we tested at LifterLMS, the business WordPress plan.

It was awesome. Everything worked great. The site was fast. And as of today, as of this recording, the price on there is $3 and 99 cents a month. Plus three months free, which is an incredible value cuz the the, especially a startup like a course creator, just new entrepreneur, they’re often doing it as a side hustle.

Mm-hmm. Or they don’t wanna invest too much money in the beginning. And this is a great entry point for people to be able to get in and not have the hosting get out at. Get outta hand to, you know, or on day one or whatever. So that’s that’s really incredible. Can you elaborate a little more? You, you, you, you mentioned it, but you know, some of the people watching this are, you know, aren’t super technical and know about you know, hosting infrastructure, whatever.

And I remember in my WordPress journey when I kind of realized more about how hosting works. It’s just interesting. And can you explain that part about how you have your own servers and therefore you’re able to control the prices better? And how some companies, hosting companies, it’s not actually their servers, they’re, they’re subcontracting somewhere else.

Can you explain how all that works and how hosting or does it 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, of course. So renting servers can get expensive. Pretty fast because when you need to scale things up as a hosting provider and then your renting servers, prices add up. And where based on our current infrastructure we are able, you know, to keep the prices low because when we need to extend, all we need to do is get some more additional.

Server space and delivered. And that’s all. Like there are some, you know, electricity and so on and so on. But it’s still more beneficial for us to have our own infrastructure. And when it comes to the technical details we have really, really nice Lightspeed servers where we have the light speed caching plugin, which additionally provides speed for the website of, of the WordPress.

 So, yeah I’m thinking what of like in. When it comes to infrastructure, what the additional details I could provide, but when it co in comparison with the rented servers, but basically because we make everything our own. It not, not in, not in terms of infrastructure. But like features that panel all of that, all of those controls around.

Inhouse made, we are able to, you know, to provide these prices for our customers. 

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. And, and it’s, and that’s just cool that you pass a lot of that savings on to the customer so that they can you know, get started at an affordable price. Can you take us on a tour of some of the other things that hosting or offers?

There’s email and some other things, like what else? Is the company making an offering that digital creators might be interested in? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. Yeah. Would be happy to. So. Apart from the different web hosting plans that we have, like Shared Cloud WordPress, we do have like other products as well. So we have our, our own VPs hosting plans.

Those are, you know more dedicated servers and we also do provide them with the prepared C panel. VPSs is like a really comfortable panel. I did try that myself. We did not found any like issues and it’s really like a quite nice design I can say as well. And also we have a V ps hosting plan.

 Servers data is. Ready for a Minecraft server. So if anyone want to host up with your buddy’s Minecraft server to play on. We all already have them prepped up. Also we provide our own email services. We have a dedicated team for that with the developers. And yeah, same with that comes with the hosting features.

We are able to do them on our email services as well. And also on hosting, you’re free to register domains with quite a lot of variety of TLDs. And if you like, come up with a hosting plan with us as well. Like a free domain will be given to you, like I believe that you have to choose like a higher period of time.

The free domain will be added to your hosting plan, so that’s a win-win also.

Chris Badgett: Yeah, that’s awesome. In our testing, we got the free domain as well. I’m like, that’s it just makes it, you’ve done a lot of work removing the friction on the initial setup, which is really cool. So keep up the good work here.

Well, that’s, that’s awesome. This is ais, he’s from hoster. It’s at Any final words for the people you know, advice on getting started with a hosting or plan or, or other ways to connect with the company or ask questions, get support, that kind of thing? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, so. Like a final remarks and this would be guys, don’t be afraid to try out.

 There’s always a 30 days money bag guarantee. And we do have 24 7 support in like different languages and you can ask any questions you may have on the site’s development, on the issues that have occurred. We will help out with any questions and yeah, straight from the registration, registration part, we having access to the support.

And you can write us the [email protected] and yeah, we’ll be happy to help you out. 

Chris Badgett: Awesome. Well, Arna, thank you for coming on the show. I’d encourage everybody to go check out hosting or check it out for hosting, check out their WordPress hosting plans, and I look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Europe in Greece.

Arnas Donauskas: Likewise, Chris. Thanks for reminding me. Thanks for inviting me today. It was a pleasure.

Chris Badgett: And that’s a wrap for this episode of LMSCast. Did you enjoy that episode? Tell your friends and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode. And I’ve got a gift for you over at Go to Keep learning. Keep taking action, and I’ll see you. In the next episode.

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