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In this LMScast episode, Chris Lassiter shares his experience with WordPress and AI. He also discusses the effectiveness of his website, built with LifterLMS. Also discuss about how people can build a mobile app for their LifterLMS website with BuddyBoss.

Chris Lassiter is an experienced WordPress professional and AI enthusiast. He built an AI course website called ‘Learn AI Now,’ a customized learning platform constructed using LifterLMS. His website, Learn AI Now, helps users learn more about AI and how anyone can easily use AI to create courses.

Chris discussed the reasons for choosing LifterLMS, emphasizing features such as LifterLMS Group, which stood out as a unique add-on not provided by other LMS platforms. The uniqueness of LifterLMS features played a crucial role in his decision.

His creative application of AI extends beyond personalizing dashboards, resulting in a seamless user interface. Additionally, Chris created an app using BuddyBoss and integrated it with LifterLMS. His goal was to establish a secure social media platform akin to Facebook. The integration with BuddyBoss enhances the social aspect of the site, and the accompanying mobile app enhances accessibility for both iOS and Android users.

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Episode Transcript

Chris Badgett: You’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to create, launch, and scale a high value online training program, I’m your guide, Chris Badgett. I’m the co founder of Lifter LMS, the most powerful learning management system for WordPress. Stay to the end. I’ve got something special for you. Enjoy the show.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of LMS cast. I’m joined by a special guest, another Chris, his name is Chris Lasseter. He’s from Learn AI Now, he’s built an incredible learning platform that teaches AI. He’s had quite the journey as a WordPress professional, as a AI practitioner, and he’s out, he’s here to help people learn AI.

Chris Badgett: I’m really excited to get into your story, Chris. Welcome to the show. Thanks, Chris. 

Chris Lassiter: Thanks for having me.

Chris Badgett: Tell us a little bit. Let’s start with the platform now. What is learn AI now? Why’d you build it? What is it?

Chris Lassiter: Thank you. So learning now is is a platform to where people can come to use. The tools that Lifter LMS has created to create their own courses and to have a safe platform for learning.

So if you compare us to like other tools for example Udemy where you can go there and you can post your courses and sell them. It’s similar but it’s more narrowed down in a place to where people can come and not only create their courses, but, use the tools that we’ve given them to create their courses.

And we also have a social media aspect where they can join groups. Have zoom calls and be able to just create a community and have one on one on time with me to be able to help them create tools. To be able to teach other people what, whatever that they want to create. So it’s going to be a great opportunity for them.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. So multi core, a multi instructor course platform around the AI topic. Tell us about your journey into AI. How did you become obsessed like myself and many other people out there with AI? 

Chris Lassiter: So for me I’m not a coder and. I, I’ve been working in WordPress for about 15 years now.

I’ve read the books about, HTML, PHP, I can look at it and go, okay, this is what I need. These are the questions I need to ask. But when I came out and it just opened up so many opportunities for me and, just to be able to sit there and be able to type out your thoughts.

And be able to use a tool that can help generate those thoughts and make them make them happen. It’s just been fantastic. And, throughout my career, I’ve been wanting to help people all the time and be able to have a tool here that can allow me to help people. Is one of the main reasons why I built learn AI now is because helping people is something that I’m really passionate about.

And, using AI tools to be able to get my thoughts out there to help people has been the driving force. 

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. You sound a lot like me. I’m 15, 16 years in WordPress, but I’m not a coder. Tell us about the origin of the getting into WordPress. Cause that’s quite a while ago. 

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. About 15 years ago I created a business.

It was called a head serve and basically I created a website and WordPress for my first time to be able to offer gaming servers for people from Counter Strike. I had a business for about three years. And then someone approached me and asked if they could purchase the company. At that time I was in transitioning for my job.

And so I was like, oh, sure. I don’t have the time. And so I was able to, use that opportunity, working with clients and I was like, this is really exciting. So fast forward about, I’d say about eight years, I decided to open up my own web design company. Finding out, web design is a lot different from coding.

And so I started using tools designing in WordPress and it became a very successful company and I ran [00:04:00] it for about three years and I decided to, at that time I was moving overseas to Japan and I wasn’t going to be able to support all the clients that I had. So I reached out to some very successful companies out there and I sold all my clients.

Out to them they’d be able to successfully continue running their websites and I put that company on pause and fast forward. Now, here we are in 2023 and I decided to relaunch my LLC, which is fast web creations, LLC, and with that learn AI now falls under that category. And here I am building Learning AI Now, which falls under my web development company.

So I’m really excited to, to be back at WordPress again.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. That’s quite the journey. Tell us about the decision to use Lifter LMS. How did you select LifterLMS for learn AI now and building this course marketplace? What factors went into play to select your 

Chris Lassiter: So, I looked at a lot of tools that were available for LMSs.

And one of the main reasons why I was able to lean toward Lifter is because there’s a company. That I work for part time and, they were using LearnDash and then they switched to LifterLMS because a lot of the add ons that you guys have was able to allow them to give opportunities to their customers that other LMS’s don’t have.

And being able to bundle those add ons the way that you guys do it was able to allow the company to save money. And be able to build that relationship with their customers. So I noticed that LifterLMS, I believe cares more about their customers than they do about making that penny. o that was one of the things that was the most positive turn on for me.

Was seeing that you guys truly care about your customer base. And then that the technical support that I need was there. So working with the company and seeing, some of the struggles that they may have in some areas, because not every LMS is perfect. But being able to back that up with the support and the add ons that Lifter had, I was able to decide to Hey, that’s the company I wanted to go with because.

When you go to spend, monthly, yearly payments with the company I want to be able to go with someone that I knew that I would trust. And the product that LifterLMS has put out there really gives me that trust and the people that work for the company. And that’s the one of the main reasons why I decided to go with Lifter.

Chris Badgett: I appreciate that. Thanks for saying that. Are there any specific features in Lifter that. 

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. So the groups feature is really pretty fantastic especially since the company that that I work for the way they use it is it’s they teach dental companies their front offices on how to run their admin offices.

And so what that allows them to do is a, for example, a doctor office will come in, the doctor will buy. A subscription, a yearly subscription with them, and they’ll get access to a group. And for example, they’ll get 21 seats in the group, and they’ll be able to bring in their admin offices their personnel in there and be able to learn how to run an admin office for dental companies, and they’ll be able to get 21 seats in there.

And so what I was able to do is create with the power of AI. Is be able to when the doctor office signs up, it auto creates the group for them and gives them the seats that they need. And so they can go ahead and start right away without someone coming on the back end, created the group for them.

Give them the seats that they need. It automatically does that. It sends the email out. And so they’re able to, they’re able to start right away and start learning within the platform. So LMS group was one of the the biggest driving points for me. 

Chris Badgett: Awesome. Awesome. I’m infinitely fascinated and I do this too as a non coder.

I use AI to help me like I had to do a landing page the other day in this like old school HTML editor thing. I was like, I’m just going to make it over here. And I asked AI to format the HTML and do all this stuff. And it was like five seconds done. Tell me about your journey to using AI for coding.

Like what’s your approach? And if somebody else. Who maybe could expand their skillset by just leaning in a little bit that maybe they can code with some AI help. What would you say to them? 

Chris Lassiter: I Would say that you don’t have to know coding to use ai. Now, over the last 15 years that I’ve used WordPress, like I said, I’ve been able to recognize like key words.

Especially with [00:09:00] PHP which is, the main coding system that is used. But being able to go into AI and go, Hey for example I’ll use Lifter as an example. So you guys have a way to where instructors. Can create courses and then they can assign an assistant instructor. And so what I was able to do was with some help from some Lifter LMS tech support, and you guys, the fact that you guys are an open source software.

I was able to take the code that you guys used to create the instructor role and the assistant instructor role. I copied that code, put it into the AI and I told them what my idea was. And what it was is when you log in it right now, Lifter LMS allows instructors create courses and those assistant instructors to create those courses.

But you can still see. The way that I run my software, you can still see other instructors courses. And so what I wanted to do is I wanted to restrict that. So you can only see the courses that the instructor made and that the assistant instructor made. And so I said since WordPress is created by post, I was like, I want to restrict the posts that instructors and assistant instructors create so only they can see their own post.

And what that did was is now when an instructor logs in, they no longer see in the back end, those posts that other instructors have made. They only see their posts. And the post that it’s assistant instructors make. And then also I restricted the media. So when you go to upload, you don’t see anybody else’s media that’s uploaded.

And so it’s able to lock that down and be able to create an environment to where I can have as many instructors as I want, and they can only see their courses on the backend and then the assistant instructors that are assigned to them can only see. Those courses also. And so that’s what AI has been able to help me create.

And it’s been pretty fantastic. 

Chris Badgett: That’s really amazing. And you did something with your dashboard recently. What’d you do with it? Oh, yes. 

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. Oh, no. So yeah, that’s been pretty fantastic. So if you go to a Lifter LMS is a Facebook page. There’s a video example of I was able to use a front end admin plugin and what it does is it takes the link of anything in WP admin and it displays it on any page that you want using a short code and then you can use that plugin and be able to remove items from any what’s displayed in an iframe and I’ve been able to basically create a dashboard and restrict the WP admin backend.

So when an instructor comes in, they can click at the top, click instructor dashboard which that link can only be seen if you have the instructor or assistant instructor role. So not everyone can see that link and then, or access that link. Then when you go to that link, it displays whatever was in the WP admin backend on the front end.

And so they can click on create courses, reporting they can click on media and upload media and download media, and it keeps everyone out of the back end. So it creates an easy tool and it works really good on the phone too. 

Chris Badgett: That’s pretty amazing. You figured all that out.

That’s really awesome. Front end course creation and all the rest of that. Let’s talk about BuddyBoss a little bit. You use BuddyBoss and you’ve created an app. With LifterLMS and BuddyBoss, tell us about first why BuddyBoss and then tell us about the app.

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. So one of the main reasons why I wanted to use BuddyBoss is because I wanted to create a safe Social media platform like Facebook.

But a lot of people they just don’t like to use Facebook or they’re restricted and they can’t use it because of their job. So I wanted to create a social media aspect to where they could come to my website. Sign up to create courses and be able to have groups for example, like Lifter LMS, they have a social media aspect within Lifter but BuddyBoss is able to expand on top of that.

And they have an app for the iPhone and Android. That they already have created and if you sign up for they have do it yourself or they can actually assist you with the app and get it approved inside of apple and android. And this app allows people to access their courses and be able to access their dashboard and everything within the app.

What’s really cool is. Even though BuddyBoss has been specifically made to be primarily used for LearnDash, you can still use other LMSs. Within the app and, I’ve actually today I’ve been able to show you on how that works. If you don’t mind, I will go ahead and I’ll load it up for you and show you how it works and it’s been pretty fantastic.

So just give me 1 2nd here. I’m gonna go ahead and launch this real quick.

Chris Badgett: And as you’re loading that, I’ll say. we Do get a lot of requests for LifterLMS BuddyBoss app, but BuddyBoss hasn’t added that yet. So I’m really keen to learn from you how you did that and what the output is.

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. So they have a thing called I believe it’s called web callbacks. And so what I’ve been able to do is. So you see here can you see the app we can make 

Chris Badgett: a screen a little bigger here. And if you’re listening to this on the podcast, just head on over to the LifterLMS YouTube channel and look for Chris Lassiter and you’ll see the you’ll see what we’re talking about here.

Chris Lassiter: When you first log into the BuddyBoss app You can configure the bottom menu to show what you want, basically. So like the group itself, this right here is, you can have as many groups as you want. And you can be able to see what other people are talking about, send the messages and so forth.

But what’s really cool about the app is I put the course catalog here on the front. As you can see, it it goes outside of the app. And basically it connects directly to my wordpress LifterLMS. And so here you can be able to access your courses. I’m going to show you what’s really cool about this.

So right now this is a course explaining on how to use the AI tools on learning right now dot AI. And if you go into, for example, like the second lesson plan, and you go into the second lab here. This is a course that I’ve created for teachers to show them on how to use AI in creating a lesson plan. For example, if you go here and you type in, let’s say they want to do like a lesson plan lesson plan on the first, U.S. President. Okay. Let’s say for 5th grade and then just at generate, I’m able to use my AI tools in there and it sets them up with a lesson plan for 5th grade and there’s just so many more AI tools that I can generate in here. But this one I specifically made. So when they write this.

It will give them everything they need to create a successful lesson plan. And then let’s see what else they can do here. So you can go back and go through more of the courses. You can see the quizzes, the labs, and then we also have like the forms within BuddyBoss. And then here’s something really cool.

You’re talking about the dashboard. So if I go here and go into, for example, the dashboard right here. This is the right here. You have access to the left LMS and to the dashboard. This right here is the actual dashboard for LifterLMS. But when you go here, since there’s a callback, it actually goes to my actual website.

I can pull up the website here. I can bring up my instructor dashboard and this is the dashboard that was created using the front end admin plugin. So right here, you’ll see like the admin tool that pops up for since I’m admin or what have you. But you have courses. You have lessons, media, [00:18:00] reporting, and so let’s see here.

Let’s see how this works. If I go to add a course. It works a lot better, obviously when you’re on desktop. But as you can see here, that it launches and then I can load the course builder with inside here and then you can add elements and so forth and start building your course. You obviously don’t want to do it on your phone, but it’s really cool that you can actually access that.

For example, let’s say you’re on your phone and you wanted to really quick log into the media you could upload and so forth like that. So it’s really cool. And just the fact that, people can go in here and, view their courses while they’re online and be able to access private groups, public groups, 

Chris Badgett: one of the most advanced app implementations I’ve ever seen of Lifter. What advice do you have for people that want to go down the app?

Like a companion app to go with the WordPress LMS website. Like how do they get into that?

Chris Lassiter: I would recommend, when you, so when you go to use a buddy boss, I would definitely go with their services to assist you in setting up the app. They do give you a lot of good tools to try to do it yourself.

But if you’re not a web app developer it’s a very long process and very tedious. And being able to use their excellent custom support that they have they can help you every step of the way with tutorials on the process that you need to do. Since I went with their help, they actually, they help you create all the app photos, the pictures, everything that you saw in there like when they first logged in and you saw the picture of the login, they created all that for me.

So what they do is they’ll send it to you and then you upload it into the Apple store or the Google store. And then once you’re ready, you hit the publishing service and they will upload it to the Apple store and the Google store. And then anything that they come back and say, Hey, it’s not ready yet.

This is what you need to do to fix it. They’ll explain to you on how to fix that. And then once the app is ready, it launches after that. It’s fantastic because once you meet the requirements for both the stores, you have your launch. You have your app launched whenever there’s updates to the app, it will automatically update it.

It’s, what’s really cool is, unless you change like the actual icon or the name of the app, it doesn’t make the person who downloaded it on the phone, it doesn’t make them re download the app. It just automatically updates it because it’s connected directly to your WordPress website. And so I can make any changes within the app, like the menu options.

Make changes to the courses, anything like that, and we’ll automatically update on the app. So it’s really fantastic. And you get some push notifications so you can keep your people aware of what’s going on. Send private messages. It’s really fantastic. 

Chris Badgett: You just answered my next question, but what is the, what are the main reasons to build a companion app to go with the website version of the LMS?

You mentioned push notifications, private messaging. I imagine you’re in the workflow of people that are more used to apps than websites, but what, what else? .

Chris Lassiter: So actually it’s funny that you bring that up because in your guys’ last LMS cast Kurt and Will, were actually talking about that, and I saw that.

They actually brought me up as an example in that. So it was pretty cool. And, do you need an app to successfully have ALMS program? No, you don’t. Matter of fact, you should actually take a look at the use cases and see if that’s something that you need. And the reason why I wanted to do it is because with this generation of people that you have, they want something that they can access quickly and a lot of people have phones.

And people want to be able to access [00:22:00] sometimes their courses offline. Now, you can’t do that with Lifter LMS and with the BuddyBoss app. But why would you want to do that? And so I wanted to be able to create a tool to where people can access their courses online right away, be able to communicate within private groups.

And be able to do that on your phone at any time that you want is pretty fantastic. Another feature that’s going to be coming out hopefully in the next six to 12 months is right now on the website for groups within buddy boss, you can actually create. With the zoom A. P. I. Those private groups can create private conversations using your A.

P. I. With zoom. I know that buddy boss is currently building it. So eventually you can be able to access those zoom meetings within the app. I know it’s not. It’s not gonna be released anytime soon, but being able to have a zoom meeting on the go within your private group [00:23:00] within the app will be a pretty fantastic tool.

And so just going along with them and all those future updates and all the future updates from lifter, it’s just fantastic.

Chris Badgett: Can you tell  us about any other like tech tools that you find are like part of the essential stack? For example, what kind of hosting do you use? What do you use for email marketing?

Any essential other plugins that you would put on any LMS website? Are you logging into the back end right now? 

Chris Lassiter: I am logging into the back end right now. So for me LifterLMS has a, so the company that I work for that uses Lifter LMS. They use LifterLMS’s own payment gateway and ordering system.

But what I’ve been able to do is use sure, sure part with sure members and sure triggers. And so what I’m able to do is being able to control how I use my coupons and how people access certain parts of the website with sure members. And then we’re sure triggers it’s it automatically triggers.

Like for example, when someone comes in and orders a membership, it will trigger that membership to activate. And so that is something that I think people should definitely take a look at is if you want to have more advanced features. To be able to control coupons and just just the way that when purchases are made you can use other ecommerces like, you can use shirt cart.

You can use WooCommerce. And so that’s one of the things that I went down. Another plugin that is really great is something called better docs. Whenever you have an LMS software, you want to be able to have a knowledge base on the back end and being able to have people to use a knowledge base to be able to figure out how do I create this course?

You can Better Docs is what I use, and right now I’m currently creating a knowledge base based off LifterLMS’s knowledge base and all my other plugins knowledge bases and the way that I’ve implemented it on my website to be able to create a place where they can just go on the website and be able to ask questions on how to create courses.

So that’s a fantastic one to have. Another plug in tool that I think it’s very important to have is a tool that backs up your website. So all in one WP migration is great. You can be able to go back and forth between a staging website and a active production website. If you have an LMS website, it’s very important to have a staging website.

So when LifterLMS comes out with new tools or you have new plugins, You can back up your website to that staging website and be able to. Edit and create whatever you need to. So if something breaks or if something doesn’t work with lifter or with another plugin you can be able to talk to lifters outstanding tech support.

And be able to figure out how to fix that. And then once you’re ready to go, you can bring that to live production. So that’s definitely something that you should have. And I would say one of the last ones last two plugins I’d like to talk about is Presto player which is also created by the company who created SureCart.

It’s basically allows me to upload my videos. I use bunny dot net to upload my videos. I don’t upload them to YouTube because bunny dot net is a CDN. And so it allows me to stream my videos. Through Presto player on my website and it gives them a seamless integration and there’s no buffering it’s just fantastic.

And then the last thing that I use is it’s a free tool. It’s just WP mail SMTP. I connected to my Google business email and that’s how I send emails out to all my clients. And it just integrates it with. WordPress seamlessly. So those are some of the the great tools that I use.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome, Chris. I have to ask, cause you’re like a power user of WordPress, LifterLMS, and other technology. What’s your approach to learning? Cause it seems like every time you hit a challenge, you just break through it and you also keep leveling up your skills over the months and years. How do you approach your technology learning?

Chris Lassiter: So one of the biggest thing is not giving up and being able to ask the question and enjoying the LifterLMS groups on Facebook. There’s also a developer channel in Slack that LFTR has joining other private Facebook groups within WordPress and just. Being able to reach out to other in the communities who also want, who loves LMS is and WordPress plugins and just all that it’s staying connected with other people and asking the question you just can’t take a failure and it’s just a fail and just walk away from it.

You have to stay positive. You have to communicate. And you have to connect connect. If I didn’t connect with people with Will and Kurt and, you have Nick who does awesome tech support for you guys being able to communicate with them and say, Hey, I’ve used AI to create this.

It doesn’t sometimes, AI is not perfect. It’s not going to give you all the answers, but it’s going to get you to the right place to the right person. Who is the expert. And who will be able to communicate with you and you can learn from them. They can learn from you. And so connection, you have to communicate, you have to connect, you have to be out there in the social media and just, paying attention to when stuff comes out and learning from people and just staying positive and connecting with people is how you’re going to succeed. That’s awesome. 

I love that advice. I think it’s always important to remember that there’s a bunch of humans behind the internet and sometimes you just got to engage with them and and reach out and choose the companies that value that sort of thing. What’s your vision for LearnAINow. ai? Like where do you want to end up?

Chris Lassiter: So long term I would like to not only have LearnAI as an individual membership. I would also like to be able to set it up for private school districts and even big picture public school districts, and be able to allow teachers to be able to come and create online courses for their students, and, but also at the same time, have districts send teachers to my website and not just teachers, also companies, send companies to my website to be able to learn online.

On how to use AI tools. Cause I’m not specifically building it just for teachers. That’s just I guess you can say my focus right now. But I’m also creating it so people or companies can send [00:30:00] people to my website and be able to learn what are the AI tools that are available. To be able to help their company succeed because that’s the whole purpose of learn AI now is to help not only companies, teachers, just anyone out there who wants to learn how to use AI tools to just succeed in life.

And succeed in their companies. It’s a bigger picture, be able to get corporates to come in and use learn AI now to help their personnel to, to learn how to be successful with AI tools. 

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. It reminds me of a slogan I borrowed from another LifterLMS user. Their mission, our mission is to accelerate yours is like the slogan.

And I like that you’re sending out like a ripple of innovation and helping people help people who then help more people. It’s what makes us, this is what keeps me motivated and passionate in this space. Do you have a short list of AI tools that you like? I think everybody watching or listening has heard of chat.

GBT and perhaps uses it some. You’ve got some AI tooling on your app or on your website. What AI tools should people check out that you’re a fan of? That’s probably a loaded question. You might have a lot. 

Chris Lassiter: Yeah, so there are a ton of AI tools, man. And there’s so many good ones out there.

Yeah. Okay. So there’s a really fantastic AI tool out there called AI engine by meow, like MEOW, if you just search AI engine by M-E-I-O-W. It’s a word, a WordPress plugin that you can use on your website and help integrate chat GPT into your website. That’s a fantastic WordPress plugin.

They have a free version. I’ve worked with the developer with that tool. And so that’s a fantastic tool to use. A really great high tool. Matter of fact, is with the big company. Adobe has integrated AI into a lot of their software. So I’ve been able to utilize Photoshop and be able to take pictures and use the AI tool to, for example expand on top of a picture.

And for example if you have a picture that’s really small, but you want to make it bigger, you can use the AI tool within Adobe to select the edge of your picture and just generate an expanse, and it will use AI. To generate the picture and and be able to basically just expand it.

So it’s fantastic. So Adobe has integrated AI there. There’s just so many out there. Yeah, there’s a load of question, but AI isn’t everything that you use. But Adobe has done a fantastic job integrating AI into their software. 

Chris Badgett: If we go back to the beginning and somebody’s watching or listening to this and they’re, inspired and they want to create.

Online course marketplace and a platform like this. What would you say are the first steps to ease into the project? 

Chris Lassiter: I would say, do your research, find out what tools that you want to use. Every LMS has different tools. And being able to know what tools are available and, the use case from is very important, figure out what you want to use and how you want to use it.

And then the second part of it, and I think is the biggest part is what type of community do they have? Private and public Lifter LMS has a fantastic public community. And being able to join those communities and being able to have the people that back it up is very important. And that goes into the third part.

Are there real people behind that LMS? There are other LMSs out there that may have, um, fantastic tools. That lifter does not have available yet, but the people that back it up aren’t there that, they, you don’t know who the real people are. And I think being able to have a face and a name and knowing that you can easily access that support and just that community.

That you just can’t put a price on. And so being able to know that, there’s a community there. It’s probably like the third biggest thing and being able to have that community, having the tools, knowing how to use it, having a knowledge base on that LMS to be able to help you when you’re in a situation is what I wish I would have known in the beginning.

To be to help me get to where I am now, because it’s taking me a while to get where I am now, but if I’d have known all that from the beginning then I think I would have made it. I would have been able to get to where I am quicker. And so that’s 1 reason why I’m just happy to be here with Lifter is because, we have that community.

I have you[00:35:00] you’re always putting out videos with Will and Kurt and it just keeps me motivated and it keeps me creating my tools with Lifter. So I’ve been pretty happy with it. Awesome. 

Chris Badgett: Chris, thanks for coming on the show and thank you for being an inspiring example of what I call an education entrepreneur.

You’re doing amazing things. I appreciate your, you being a power user and really staying with any challenge and just keep. Keeping, making progress on your vision. Do you have any final words for the people before we sign off today? 

Chris Lassiter: Yeah. Stay motivated. Stay connected and don’t give up. And when you get a chance, come visit.

Learn AI and hopefully it will help tools for you to help you succeed in creating your LMS courses. 

Chris Badgett: Thanks for coming on the show. Chris go to learn AI now. ai. And I hope you and everybody listening has a great rest of your day. Take care.

And that’s a wrap for this episode of LMS cast. Did you enjoy that episode? Tell your friends and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode. And I’ve got a gift for you over at LifterLMS. Go to lifterlms. com forward slash gift.

Keep learning, keep taking action, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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