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In this LMScast Chris Badgett talks about the health and fitness online course opportunity for personal trainers and anyone else who is passionate about what you do.

There’s an abundance of niches and micro niches in the health and fitness community, and a steady steam of newcomers who want to learn how to get fit and healthy. If you can teach them, then you have a unique advantage in offering online courses. Look at CrossFit, vegan, ultra-endurance, Paleo, bodybuilding – the list goes on. And each niche has sub-niches, or micro niches. The more you can specialize, the more successful you can become by offering information no one else has.

With online courses you can also reach a worldwide audience, not just the few people who come into your local gym, box, or yoga class. Your online income potential is also greater than you can earn with conventional training. If you sell your $100 course to 100 people through the internet, that’s $10,000. And a micro niche audience is willing to pay more for what they can’t find elsewhere.

Your most valuable asset is your passion for health and fitness. You’re training people to follow your nutrition plan or fitness regime because it’s a discipline you follow yourself, and it works for you. The money is secondary, and you’ve likely already trained a lot of people for free. Now you can reach many, many more. You simply need to learn how to package your knowledge and ability to teach into an online course environment.

The technology around online course development may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier. If you’re tech savvy, you can use our LifterLMS course development platform to build, manage, market, and sell your online courses. Or if you simply want to focus on training, our Boost service will build your course for you, complete and ready to go. Either way you own your platform, and all the income you generate is yours.

More than ever before the world needs people like you to leverage the health and fitness online course opportunity and drive positive cultural change. Choose a platform like LifterLMS or a service like Boost to make your online courses a reality. Try a demo of LifterLMS today and experience our course development platform.

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Episode Transcript

Chris: Hello, and welcome back to another episode of LMScast. My name is Chris Badgett, and in this episode we’re going to be talking about the health and fitness online course business opportunity. We all know if you’re in the health and fitness niche that there is a lot of things going on. There’s a lot of different niches that people are operating in, whether that be CrossFit or vegan nutrition or ultra-endurance, athleticism. There’s so many different niches in the health and fitness community that it’s just really a big world out there.

We’ve all heard that you can make money with online courses. It’s interesting to look at the health and fitness niche because people there have a unique advantage, and I want to go over how you, if you’re in the health and fitness community, you have an advantage over others in creating your potential online course business and what the opportunity really looks like. Just to touch on the opportunity, the world is a really big place, as we know, and a lot of us in health and fitness, we probably are only able to reach our local community or the people in our yoga class, or the people in our gym if we’re a personal trainer, the people in our restaurant if we’re a professional health-conscious chef and that sort of thing.

There’s this big opportunity with the scale of the internet, and just to put it all in perspective, if we are to look at the niches, if you were to look at traditional book publishing, and you were to go into a Barnes & Noble or a major book retailer, they’re going to have some interesting niche books, because they’re going to have some books for example, like on a vegan cookbook, a vegan recipe book. There’s niches if you go one layer down that are just too small for a big-box store to put effort into titles, but that’s where the big opportunity is, because just because one bookstore that’s mainstream and in major urban centers can’t carry enough of that book, there’s still an opportunity. There’s still a community out there.

Let’s say you just need 100 people. If your course is $100, that’s a $10,000 income potential. Let’s say you find 1,000 people. That’s $100,000 income potential. That may not actually be 1,000 people for a book, may not be enough for Barnes & Noble to put it on the shelves. I would encourage you to think about micro niches and go in one niche down.

The other thing that’s out there that’s interesting in the health and fitness community is that you’ve likely already taught it, or you’ve gone through this transformation yourself, so you’re now already teaching it to other people, perhaps in the brick and mortar space but not on the internet. You have a teaching methodology. You need to translate it and package it in a way that’ll work online. You have that teacher mindset. That’s not going to be new to you.

The other thing that you have is just a lot of passion. When I see people who are in the health and fitness world, they have quite a bit of passion. That passion is going to carry you through the hard times, the difficult times. Building a successful online course is not just about making money, or it’s a business opportunity. You have to have passion. You have to care about the impact you create in other people’s lives. You have to care about the work you do and the micro niche that you’re in, whether that’s vegan body building, some kind of specialized yoga, some kind of injury recovery system, and so on. There’s just so many really fascinating micro niches out there. You’ve got that passion, and really, just know that it’s not that hard to find 100 people around the world if you’re passionate. If you’re not that passionate or you haven’t really niched down to that micro niche, then you might have a harder time. I’d encourage you to niche down and really use that passion.

The other thing is there’s schools out there in technology where it can be intimidating, especially if you’re in the health and fitness world, and you’re not really in the internet world. Just know that the technology does not have to be complicated. I’ve got a link over here to a service we offer to get your health and fitness course up and running on a platform you own where you’re not sharing revenue with some big, online course provider or something like that, where you keep it all. You own it all. It’s your content. You own everything. It’s just an online course delivery system or a learning management system. If you want to check that out, go to That’s To know that the technology piece doesn’t have to be difficult, if you do want to learn technology and spend time developing skills and how to build a website and so on, that’s totally fine. You can do that, but just know that you don’t have to.

I just encourage you to keep up the great work, and it’s great to have people who are passionate about health and fitness out there because the world needs you, especially in the various niches in this age of technology overwhelm and attention. It’s hard for people to stay focused, a lot of stress is increasing and so on. Health and fitness is a really big part of positive culture change moving forward. Thank you, and I wish you the best on your health and fitness courses.

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