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In this LMScast episode, Rytis Lauris shares about how to increase Course and membership sales with Omnisend. Rytis provides information about Omnisend, a comprehensive e-commerce marketing solution.

Rytis Lauris the co-founder and CEO of Omnisend, all in one e commerce marketing. He provides insights into OmniSend’s functionality, integration potential with platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress LMS solutions such as LifterLMS, LearnDash all the LMS that integrate through WP Fusion, which has a great integration with Omnisend as well.

Rytis describes the growth of OmniSend during its 10-year history, stressing the recent emphasis on actively contributing to the WordPress environment and developing integrations.

When it comes to the WordPress community, Rytis is grateful for the sense of belonging and cooperation that exists there, pointing out that it is a more welcoming and encouraging atmosphere than other ecosystems like Shopify.

The discussion dives into OmniSend’s pricing approach, highlighting flexibility and affordability, particularly for small and medium enterprises. OmniSend makes it possible for organizations to begin with a free plan that includes all services and then upgrade to premium plans as they expand.

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Episode Transcript

Chris Badgett: You’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking to create, launch, and scale a high value online training program, I’m your guide, Chris Badgett. I’m the co founder of LifterLMS, the most powerful learning management system for WordPress. Stay to the end. I’ve got something special for you. Enjoy the show.

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of LMS cast. I’m joined by a special guest. His name is Rytis Lauris. He’s from OmniSend. com, which is all in one e commerce marketing. Welcome to the show, Rytis.

Rytis Lauris: Hey, Chris. Thanks for inviting me. Great to be here. I’m excited

Chris Badgett: to get into it with you today. We’re going to talk about some of my favorite topics and things this audience loves, which is selling marketing, digital courses, coaching communities.

Tell us at a high level, how OmniSend sits in the space. As a marketing automation and e commerce solution,

Rytis Lauris: so basically we have built what’s what is behind this marketing automation. So there are channels as email SMS, text messages, and what push notifications. So basically, we help anyone who runs.

Digital business, especially if you, if the ones who sell online, we help to communicate with the existing customer base. So usually what, do we see that that initial transaction and initial sale anyone who runs a business makes is, really a right negative. You lose money because you pay for, Google, you pay for Meta, Facebook, Instagram, whatever more than, they actually earn from a first from a first transaction on the, from a first purchase. So that’s why it’s very important to communicate with your customers and invite them to, retain to, make a repeated purchase. And that’s how you convert your customers into, profitable customers.

And that’s how you ensure lifetime value. ROI positive. So yeah, so that’s where OmniSend really helps customers to communicate with those from whom you have a subscription, from whom you have an opt in and agreement and, or ask to communicate by from, a brand. So emails, SMS and, push notifications, you can both automate with us, or you can send both campaigns as well.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. And OmniSend works with WooCommerce. You can use it today with WordPress LMS solutions like LifterLMS, LearnDash all the LMSs that integrate through WP Fusion, which has a great integration with OmniSend as well. Tell us a little bit. About the backstory of OmniSend as it’s 10 years old.

Rytis Lauris: Yeah it’s, going to turn 10 years next year as you will. So really we had to from LifterLMS and not yourself, Chris, personally. But yeah yeah, so we started back in the days that was a spinoff from a digital marketing agency and some of our customers were selling online and that’s how we saw that those who sell online, they have a unique capabilities to really automate marketing more and then make marketing more targeted and more relevant for their customers.

And it’s because all because of entire customer journey is basically happening online. So we can have a lot of data based on which you can automate. You can automate your marketing activities. So that’s how we launched a product 10 years ago. It took us two years to, to start earning something from that product.

So we saw the good initial traction, but nobody was willing to pay for it. And then they look back to the product and understand why it was just really, MVP version very, basic product back in the day. So it was email only. Yeah. So since then we, we focus on serving online businesses and those who sell online.

And and yeah, so for, the vast majority of the years, we’re mainly focusing on, other e commerce platforms outside, outside the WordPress. For a few years, we have integration with WooCommerce and but we did not invest too much to be honest. So if someone had any experience with OmniSend like three or four years ago could be potentially that, that was not the best experience back in the days because it was not a priority for us.

But at the same time, we start seeing really organic, great organic traction coming from, WordPress. Customers and then agencies. And then, we saw that we create value for, those customers as well. So we really improved our integration, direct integration WP fusion, et cetera.

And then we are building other direct integrations with other service providers within the ecosystem to ensure the best experience for our customers. For online stores for, online creators who sell online. And yeah, so basically that’s we’re relatively new actively, relatively new in the ecosystem, but we’re really looking forward to, to contribute, to invest and to, create value for those who sell online.

Chris Badgett: That’s awesome. I love saying Brands come into the WordPress space who’ve been around for a while and are looking to engage with the WordPress community. How do you find the WordPress community? What’s it like compared to some of the other ecosystems you’ve operated in?

Rytis Lauris: Yeah, in other ecosystems, we are maybe it’s not a secret.

Maybe I can mention the name and Shopify. We are we are number 2 marketing automation solution. And so we have a quiet good, share there. And WordPress is different and I like it way more, to be honest it’s, really community. There is a sense of community here and and and there is a lot of partnership here.

Even the competitors, we they have this frenemies relationship, which I admire a lot, that basically you can cooperate even with your direct competitors. The market is big and you can still, there is still a lot of room to, to grow the market size, to grow the, size of a pie. And and then if the pie is bigger, there is enough space for everyone to, to get your own piece of that pie, your own steak.

So I really find it. And we as a company, you find it very, friendly and very supporting. And to be honest coming to the first WordCamp. That was like you are new here, like feeling I don’t know, maybe as a student coming into the campus for the first time but we found it like extremely welcoming and I’m really happy that we are becoming more and more active here.


Chris Badgett: awesome. I’ve been checking out your website for you out there listening or watching, go to omni send. com. One of the things that stands out to me is your pricing and how reasonable it is and how adjustable it is based on your list size. There’s I’ve been in other marketing automation tools and there’s like these big jumps from one I’m in right now is going from 25, 000 to 50, 000 email list size and.

Even though I’m around 28, 000 actives, I’m paying the 50, 000 price and it’s, it is quite a bit more than OmniSend. And I think it’s really cool what you’ve done, like your pricing. We don’t have to mention certain dollar amounts cause I know pricing changes over time, but this seems really approachable.

And the other thing I noticed is. Some, softwares have this mindset of, Oh, just go up market, just go up market and go enterprise. That’s where the money’s at. But you have, you’ve got a great free plan and your plans at smaller list sizes are very affordable, which in the LMS industry, not everybody launches a digital course or coaching program and gets like thousands of people on their first day.

They might, it might take a while to get 20 people, 50 people, a hundred people. And they, try to keep their costs down as they grow and just have a fair price as their business scales. And I, this is the most attractive pricing ramp I’ve seen that, that makes sense and is affordable all the way.

Can you tell, us. Like how you think about pricing or freemium in for omni

Rytis Lauris: Vancouver. So really, great that you slighted this as this is one of the key value propositions of, Omni and since we’re beginning the, one thing which have not changed, so yeah.

Our focus to, online businesses. And the second thing is serving SMB. So I would say at the very beginning, we were, we’re serving like micro to small businesses. Now product has improved and now we can serve all the way to really truly midsize businesses, but we are not aiming to serve any corporate kind of customers, enterprise level.

So that’s where we stick. And this is why it is important. Two things to create very. easy to use product and to, have a low like learning curve as flat as possible. So basically that’s how we think about the, product development, but it has to be the first layer. It has to be super easy to start using and gaining value.

So there are a lot of prebuilt templates not only visual templates as for email, but segment templates automation templates, like best use cases up rebuilt into. into the product. And second layer is that you can, there is an advanced layer. So you can customize, you can have a blank canvas if you wish.

And the third layer that you can, if you can even customize even more. So this is an API layer. Similar, we think about pricing as well. That we start serving all the way from micro businesses, so it has to be no brainer. So as product is easy, it has to be an easy decision to to, start using and start benefit as you just mentioned.

Yeah. So if you just start your business, if you have not, too many, contacts in your list not too many subscribers, that’s. Absolutely free forever. All the features are included and it’s only usage limits. So start free, start collecting your subscribers, start growing your business and hopefully you will succeed.

And once the time comes, you will convert into, premium and paying customer. And and yeah in general, being a, being affordable it’s, very important and having this reasonable pricing and better priced than our main competitors. It’s, one of the goals that we have as we do understand that for SMBs price it’s important.

Although it’s an investment, not a spend and a return on investment in general for, email, especially email is challenged. It’s just insane. It’s like for 1 we spend on average our customers, they have return of more than 17. So like a ratio is, extraordinarily good. You would not find any, like any pay that’s or so even, close to that.

But at the same time, of course, we understand that for especially the beginners, any spend is spent and you have to have some money for investment. Therefore we, stick. To, to a freemium and it will.

Chris Badgett: Nice. Yeah. I think, and that I think is really attractive in the WordPress community, which is very heavily freemium focused, both at the product level, but also what the, user appreciates and expects in a way I was clicking on migration on omnisend.

com. And I love this headline here replaced generic with e commerce focused. If somebody is looking at a marketing automation, email list service and so on, what, how do you create that e commerce focus? How is it different from a generic one size fits all marketing automation and email list

Rytis Lauris: tool?

So there are two main aspects I would say. First one is a deep tool, deep integration, a lot of data being synced with your online store, e commerce platform. With WooCommerce, let’s take example any LMS solution as well. So we do synchronize a lot of your customer behavior data as well as like through our own snippets.

We, track your customer’s behavior on your website, on your online store. And those two combined really empowers. Store owners creators, marketers to build a lot of automations, trigger based automation, because you have a lot of data and a lot of understanding of your customer’s behavior.

So it’s that’s the 1st thing. So basically deep integration, very specific data points that important for those who sell online, let’s say average cart size, the last order placement habitual things on which we can build segments. We can build automations. And the 2nd thing is really a lot of best practices embedded into the platform.

So you would never. It’s 1 of the goals for us that you would never end in, a blank canvas unless you want it. If you choose as a, okay, give me just blank template. I will build everything from scratch because I’m experienced marketer and an advanced user. That’s fine, you can do that. But unless this is your choice you, have an all the se segments, automation, workflows, templates, occasional templates, seasonal templates thematical templates, et cetera.

They are wall built and all of them are. Online businesses and e commerce are related. So let’s say it’s all the automations are related to the customer journey on your online store. Activation post purchase activities, abundant card reminders product or service evaluation requests customer reactivation.

If one has purchased already some time ago, but but already have not visited your website and have not purchased for whatever your average. customer purchasing cycle is we analyze it automatically, et cetera. So just some of those exam, some of those examples that you really illustrate that being specifically built for e commerce just help our customers to to, gain value way, sooner.

You can theoretically do it yourself with any tool in the market, but for that, you would need a lot of knowledge and a lot of development.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. And our pre chat I had mentioned, I used to do a lot of work with infusion soft, like 14 years ago. And it had a, it got a reputation being called confusion soft.

Cause what would happen is people got really into marketing and funnels and branching and all this stuff. And the campaign builder automation builder I love this idea of. Having all these e commerce focused templates for the use cases you describe, like instead of trying to figure out how to create card abandonment recovery, you already have template for that.

Can you speak more about how you quote protect users from themselves and getting overly complicated and help them like. Create campaigns that are or automations that are proven in the industry.

Rytis Lauris: Yeah, so basically a 1st protection as, I said, it’s is, really choose from the list of, suggested automations.

That’s, the first thing and nothing could go wrong there because those are just standard e commerce practices and the best e commerce practices and any, biggest store is using all of them. And that’s what we advise our customers. It doesn’t matter that you are maybe small business, but the more automation you use, the better for your business.

Just to illustrate that. In like previous 10, like 12 months out of all orders around 40 percent of, orders coming from your email were generated by automated trigger based emails or SMS. And. It only was 2. 6 percent of all the traffic. So basically what automation proves proves the relevance, the quality, and the way, better conversion rates in comparison to bulk campaigns.

All campaigns still perform, they’re needed, but automations just set up once. You go to sleep and the platform does the job. Yeah. So basically all those prebuilt templates, if you use them, nothing can go wrong. That’s the first thing. Second thing, we have such such limitations that you can set.

You can set you as a marketer, as a user of OmniSend you can set that. Okay. I would not like my customer like limits. Okay. They limits that I would not like my customers to receive more than one to five emails per day. You set the limits and that’s how, again, we protect, we help you to protect yourself from misusing sometimes.

Maybe, you could make some mistakes with segmenting or so, and maybe put, the same Chris or read this in 5 different segments and send 5 different messages. But basically, yeah, so those are limiting yourself and those tools are in place. So you can. Yeah. Enable them and they will help you to, be sure that you will not overuse.

Those are good.

Chris Badgett: That’s great. Email marketing, SMS and web push notifications. I think a lot of people have a understanding around email, like welcome series, which I saw you have a template for as well. Kind of drip campaigns. But I think SMS and web push notifications are less understood in terms of the potential for an e commerce seller.

How might we use SMS and web push notifications? I literally had a user in our Facebook group yesterday asking about how to do web push notifications. What are some strategies SMS and web push notifications?

Rytis Lauris: Yeah okay, let’s start one by one. So SMS is, it’s really, it’s I would say it as a rising star as a channel, especially in the United States and Canada.

The reason for that is because it is well regulated, which usually the United States are not the pioneers in regulating something. It’s European union usually but, in this case it’s, the U S and Canada fold. And so basically. This is a TCPA. And and customers are more willing to, sign up for SMS communication because it is so no brainer to opt out.

So we just reply with a stop and it’s unified all the platforms have to support this. And this is the only way to actually do SMS marketing. You have to support this opt out default opt out option that anyone could reply with stop word and This is how you unsubscribe. So it’s really no brainer for anyone to subscribe for any communication via SMS because in other geographical locations who is listening to us outside us, et cetera it’s, could be a bit more complicated that people don’t, feel that sure.

In case you found this and we always place the link, that’s okay. If you want to subscribe, click here. So it’s similar to email experience, but again, it’s as there are some, marketers who do abuse it with our platform, but with many other platforms that maybe more, more liberal in, in, in allowing you to do whatever you want to do.

Yeah, so SMS it’s, a really, great great channel to augment email. And the. In a few examples, just to mention, yeah, so it’s more costly, but let’s say SMS, you could be communicating with your VIP customers. And let them know you are one of our like thousand top hundred of a depends on your business.

Yeah. How, much of a customers you have, and you are among our VAP customers. Yeah. So sign up for our SMS communication, and you will be the first to learn about our best offers, best deal, maybe secret deals, et cetera. I have discounts on your arrival. So it depends at the end on your business. So this is how you can use SMS and SMS.

Extremely effective. And if a good example, use SMS as a more transactional messages where you don’t promote directly. And I think it’s, let’s say first purchase experience. Then someone purchased from you just send the confirmation text message that yeah, thanks. You placed your order. We got your order.

It’s all good. You have that. It’s very important for people to, be sure that the store I bought something from is not a scam. And so this order confirmation is extremely important moment for anyone who buys online. The same of if it’s a physical good. So we already deliver the parcel.

Look after that UPS, DHL, whatever FedEx is going to come to you with a parcel, et cetera. Order like follow up. Did you like, how did you like your experience? Did the box arrive on time? Was it good? Did you like a product, et cetera, et cetera. So again, this example where you do not convert directly into purchase, but what you do for very, like few cents you, have an opportunity for a few times to bring your brand in top of the mind of your customer.

And it seems to be very transactional. It’s not intrusive at all, but at the same time, This is how you show that you care about the customer. Not only that. Okay. We just paid them. That’s where you forgot about them. And next time, when they’re going to need the same product of other products that you sell, you’re going to be top of mind and they will be coming directly to your online store, entering your brand name instead of Googling and searching who has to offer.

Yeah. So this is 2 examples were utilizing as high effect. What is

Chris Badgett: what is MMS? Can you describe the difference between SMS and MMS?

Rytis Lauris: MMS, basically, just to simplify it, it’s SMS with some media attached. So you can send. Images, let’s say, or you can send more text, or you can send some specific characters if you are not English speaker.

So usually you have some in other languages. You have some other word as with with dots, dashes, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, yeah, so MMS is basically more text, media rich or some special characters. It’s a bit more expensive depending on how much of a content, but it could be, in general, it is more engaging than SMS.

Chris Badgett: And what what is, what’s an example of a use case for MMS, like sending a, an image, say, in addition to just a text.

Rytis Lauris: In this case let’s say I already mentioned this, like VIP customer group on your arrivals. Or back in stock or back in stock. Yeah. So this is 1 of the very popular automation workflows that we have.

So anyone could subscribe not for the entire communication coming from you, but just from a back in stock reminders. Okay. This is the product I’m interested in. And, and and then the, I would like to receive a message when this product is back in stock. So that name tells it directly. Cause usually like people, especially in like apparel industry or some like gifts industry.

So the purchase is spontaneous and visuals are very important. So for example, you promote your new arrivals, your new collection. Attaching a visual of a product, especially if it’s clothing really really increases that conversion and increases and engagement a

Chris Badgett: lot. I can see that with courses because courses have like a featured image is like a book cover.

Hey this, new cohort is now open for this course or coaching program. That’s really cool.

Rytis Lauris: Sure. That’s a great, example of sending some quote as as a screenshot from the book.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. What about web push notifications? So these are the little sliders that come down in your browser, like how might an e commerce business do use that

Rytis Lauris: effectively.

Correct. So, let’s say for online courses with an example. So if, you have if you have it depends on your business model. Yeah. If you, for example, if you have some continuous courses, and maybe you charge for each, lesson or each. Yeah. Trench, whatever, separately. So that’s how you can promote.

And then that’s how you can reach and invite your customers to subscribe. You’re going to be the first to learn whenever it’s, live. And when it’s live, this is how you promote them. And then the person is browsing any website with a browser. So this is as, you mentioned, the slider is being shown and and this is helpful.

What push notifications are very. Very effective just the, challenge here is that businesses don’t use them enough that was four or five times a year years ago, not times, but years ago then, push well, like super popular. And they were a little bit overused. So there was a small group of online merchants that overused too much.

And then everybody ditched this channel, but now it’s, I would say being used in in a good way we’ll see a lot of like good practices, best practices being being applied, et cetera, and not overusing and and, yeah, music. So again, ask for. permission, ask for opt in, the customer subscribes, and then very similar.

You can do campaigns, you can do reminders, you can do new arrivals, you can do back in stock, new courses released, maybe new comment about the course, or maybe some extension, maybe some free material for a bonus lesson for those who are already Subscribers of your course, et cetera. So that’s what you can communicate via push.

Chris Badgett: We have a live audience and Vicky has some questions here. She’s saying that she likes that. There’s a B testing for forms built in. Can you explain that? If somebody is not familiar with a B testing?

Rytis Lauris: Yeah, sure. So thanks. We keep asking. So forms, it’s it’s very important for anyone who, use marketing automation.

I have it’s ominous under any other platform, but basically in order to communicate with your customer base, you have to have A customer base. So we have to collect subscribers, email, SMS, web push notifications. All of those are opt in channels. So you have to get the permission to communicate via those channels with your existing customer base.

So forms are very important. We have native forms at OmniCent and we have a lot of integrations with various form builders. So you can use any 3rd party solutions within WordPress ecosystem as well. We have. Already few and quite many in, in, in the making. So we are again, willing to create them through W3 Fusion.

You can communicate to, you can connect to almost anyone. So AB testing within forms. So basically, so it’s just similar to any other AB testing. Let’s say you have 100 visitors. For 10 visitors, we show a version of your form. For 10 visitors, we show B version of your form. It’s all being done automatically.

You design it. You, maybe play with your copy whatever you want to test. And we basically initially show both of them and the one which performs. Better, we start showing the winner for the rest of your audience.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. And Vicky was also asking about Gravity Forms integration, which is possible out of the box with WP Fusion.

Like you said, and WP Fusion works with several other WordPress forms, plugins as well.

Rytis Lauris: True. And with Gravity Forms we just. The released direct integration as well. Okay. Previous week. So it’s should be already on wordpress. org. So just try to find there and it will be published on the gravity forms app store as well in upcoming a week or two.

Awesome. You can use it through WP fusion, or you can use it directly as well.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. And a quick question that came up for SMS was is the interface just all in OmniSend, like you don’t have to try to manage it all from your phone or whatever. Correct.

Rytis Lauris: Yeah. Yep. It’s, all in OmniSend. It’s exactly.

The same experience, a very lookalike experience. SMS is a bit different. Yeah. So it’s not images heavy and then, the image is rich. It’s not HTML, but yeah, the experience is of any builder would try to have it as, similar to one other as possible. So basically forms building emails, SMS.

It’s all within omniscient.

Chris Badgett: We get this question a lot. So I’ll ask the expert and I know it’s complicated. But what’s the OmniSend’s approach to deliverability of emails, both at the software level, but also best practices for people using the tool?

Rytis Lauris: It’s important how we have a dedicated team to deal with deliverability.

So first thing is we are absolutely against spam. Period. So we don’t support any abuses or intense abuse and we block those. And we have dedicated team to fight with the bad actors. It’s cat and mice game rat that they call them. And of course, and there are a few groups, yeah, there are a few groups.

One is like the people who are just like opportunistic and that’s okay with them. Yeah. So they know that maybe they have an old list, but maybe they collected this list sometime ago. And the, business was shut down for, maybe they launched a new business, but they have a list from an old business, et cetera, which is five years old, et cetera.

Try to send. So basically what, we do we, Suspend them for a while, and we advise what to do and how to clean your list, et cetera. So this is a soft thing. And then that’s okay. We help people to, warm up their domains to warm up their reputation and in order to have a good.

Deliverability, you cannot, especially if you have more subscribers, you cannot just come and shoot the first campaign for hundreds of thousands of subscribers. That’s how, you’re going to harm your reputation. So that’s why it’s important to, go through the proper warmup process, et cetera. And we handhold here.

We help with that. And yeah, and this is, so that’s good businesses. They try to do that. They try to make some shortcuts and that’s okay. Everybody. Every business is doing that and that’s okay with that. We help them to not to be too strict. We’re not too strict. But again help them not to, harm themselves.

And of course, there are bad actors like like criminals, fishers, scammers who have an intent to, to pretend that they are apples, Amazons of this world and to steal a credit card data. And we fight with them and this is a big market. This is a big market. The, yeah, we had some customers whose accounts were compromised and, because they were not treating their passport passwords good enough and campaigns were sent for them, et cetera.

So we help them to deal with that. But again any businesses should, take care of them, their customer data at first that’s important. Awesome.

Chris Badgett: I heard. One time that people often change their CRM or marketing automation email tool on average, every three years or something like that, if somebody out there is using something like MailChimp and they’re established they’ve got their email list, they’ve got a few kind of automations built, how would they switch to OmniSend?

Cause it’s, especially if you’re established, it can seem a little overwhelming to try to move, but what advice do you

Rytis Lauris: have there? So with MailChimp or any other generic marketing automation platforms, so we are extremely sure that we’re going to create you way more value than you currently have, mainly because of this prebuilt and embedded best practices.

e commerce best practices, because the, usual case we see that people, yeah, they use MailChimp and they just have one or two automations at most, and that’s it. And for e commerce, it would make sense to have seven, eight automations different, and use email, use SMS. And combination of email push notifications.

So then once you combine all of those opportunities you see the, growth of your sales coming from, those channels and those practices a lot. And on the pricing side, we we are more affordable than so not, a massive safe, but a safe Yes, and you’re right. The migration could be a little bit time consuming.

So to ease that we have a migration tool from Belgium, including, so we just pull all the data, your segments, your context list, your subscribe list, et cetera. And we recreate them on OmniCent. With the visual part, yes, you have to spend a few hours to to, migrate, but we have no doubts it’s worth Investing those few hours and for a bigger customers, we do have migration services free of charge, et cetera.

If if, you are a smaller business, so yeah, this is full self service migration tools and place it will take, but it would take like. Up to one hour, I would say to migrate everything. So it’s not not, a huge pain, I would say, and the value, and we’re super sure that we’re going to create you more value.


Chris Badgett: awesome. And if somebody’s new and they’re looking for their first marketing automation platform for e commerce house, what do you recommend? What should they do first? How would they start with OmniSend?

Rytis Lauris: So just go to OmniSend. com create your account, explore it. It’s always good to get to click around a little bit to see if we fit your needs.

If, you’re going to build the design you would like, if you’re going to find the templates you like, et cetera. And that’s okay. There are other customers who love us, but there are customers who say I, don’t like your design or whatever. And that’s, okay. We’re different people. We’re different kinds of businesses, et cetera.

And but we, have no doubt. The vast majority of you gonna find. I’m going to send a good fit for you and then of course integration with your online stores either directly if you are on WooCommerce or through WP Fusion if, you have an LMS system, et cetera integrate, because that’s how we’re going to So so much for tuning in.

Bye. Bye. Get more triggers coming from you. Then third thing I would recommend launch forms. I have it’s omnis and native forms. So again, integrate gravity forms WS forms. That’s the two direct integrations we already have and building more others again for WFP fusion could be built as integrated as well.

So again, it’s very important to start collecting your subscribers and growing the customer base with whom you can communicate. It is very important. Then third thing I would say is, no, maybe it’s four. It’s four. Yeah. Thanks. So the fourth thing is set up automations and people ask us when should I start autumn set up or start my email marketing? So as soon as you have your first order, so it’s never too soon. As soon as you have first visitors, convert them into subscribers, start sending welcome automations, start sending a bundle card reminder automations, and it will help you to grow your business.

So it’s never too soon. And and then with campaigns, that’s okay. Maybe to start campaigns a bit later. Go grow your subscriber list to certain size, whether it’s going to be 10, it could be 100 subscribers. It depends on you. But again, the campaigns are more demanding of your time and you have to prepare unique content.

You have to think through, et cetera. But like automations, you just set up, as we say, for small businesses, sometimes we see that they set up and they forget and they change every one year. And in the meantime, in that one year we create a lot of a lot of ad already.

Chris Badgett: Awesome. That’s Ritus Loris from OmniSend.

com. I’m going to go check it out. I’m going to sign up for the free plan and play around. This looks like an amazing tool and a 10 year track record with a focus on e commerce creators and small business. That definitely means a lot. Any final words for the people before we sign off today?

Rytis Lauris: Yeah. So thanks, Chris, for inviting.

And yes, please check on this and out. We have a great support. If you have any questions, comments, feel free to ask. We’re going to help and maybe just a final call to action for any agencies. Freelancers. We have partners program as well. And this, as I mentioned, we are relatively new in, in WordPress ecosystem.

So we are really looking for, partners to work with. And of course there are those commercial side that we do revenue sharing with, for, with our partners. But at the same time we, invest a lot to, help agencies, to help freelancers to better understand what is marketing automation to, to be able to.

To, sell your own services better to, to, your customers just by helping you with some researchers some researchers simplified communications as we, maybe you are developer and you will never become an expert of, marketing. But while communicating and talking to your customers, we could potentially ask, so would you recommend me use SMS or not?

Why? And and then we can really help you. To, learn certain, main things about, those channels, et cetera, in order to you, for you to be more professional in front of, your customers.

Chris Badgett: I appreciate those parting thoughts. I noticed there’s an OmniSend Academy, which I always like to see because every software company is also an education company, whether they realize it or not.

So it’s great that you’ve invested there. So OmniSend. com. Thanks for coming on the show Redis. I’ll see you at the next WordCamp. And I hope you have a great rest of your day.

And that’s a wrap for this episode of LMS cast. Did you enjoy that episode? Tell your friends and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next episode. And I’ve got a gift for you over at LifterLMS. Go to lifterlms. com forward slash gift.

Keep learning, keep taking action, and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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