Why You should choose a WordPress LMS Plugin vs. a Hosted Solution

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There are many reasons why we think having a plugin is better than a hosted solution or using a theme (like the Academy Theme).

Hosted LMS Solution Disadvantages:

For one, a hosted solution is often times unexpandable, and in some situations you might even lose your content if you stop paying their monthly fee. The largest thing that you will lose is control. With a WordPress solution you own everything, and you are actually building a digital property. Building a web property using WordPress allows you to even sell the whole site (like a house), and make the website more valuable as time goes on by adding more content. By adding your content to a hosted solution you are not increasing value, because you actually don’t own the system.

Using a WordPress LMS Theme vs. a WordPress LMS Plugin:

The main disadvantage of using a WordPress LMS Theme is that you are locked into their style guidelines. Compare this with a plugin, which allows you turn on pieces of the plugin that you need. This keeps things lightweight and fast.

For instance, the Academy Theme uses WooCommerce to process payments. However, with our plugin it is all inclusive of this and allows you to process payments within the plugin – you don’t need anything extra.

With LifterLMS.com you have a core plugin with all of the necessary add-on’s built in. This allows you to turn on what you need and what you don’t need. Keeping bloat to a minimum.

And if you’re an already successful expert, teacher or entrepreneur looking to grow, check out the LifterLMS team’s signature service called Boost. It’s a complete done for you set up service where your learning platform goes live in just 5 days.

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