The Power Of Education Based Marketing And An eLearning Business

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Today’s episode is all about the power of education based marketing.

  • The context of eLearning in marketing
  • A few ideas on how to use eLearning for profit
  • And some applications for corporate organizations

Chris shares a great example of how an oil change shop (yes, you heard that right) can use a eLearning platform to hire better employees and find new customers. He shares how anyone can set up an educational based course and publish it on a WordPress LMS system (like LifterLMS).

Chris and Josh also share that how education based marketing can have a side effect of providing positive SEO to a company and increasing their traffic. You can increase your rankings by simply providing great information and using a LMS system to share that content online.

We also touch on the future of marketing, and why it is important for people to provide value upfront, and how the proper LMS system can help accomplish this. Frank Kern talks a lot about a concept called results in advance, and how you will have to provide results to someone before you can effectively make them a follower or student. The next generation (the millennials) are exceptionally good at detecting bad information and poor marketing. They will demand results, to build trust, before they engage with your product or service.

Joshua shares how this has affected him with an example from author Tim Ferris. Tim shared great information years ago that helped Joshua lose some weight. When Tim launched his book the 4 Hour Body – Joshua not only bought one book, but bought some for his friends.

Education based marketing is incredible, and very powerful. We share all of this and much more is in this impactful new episode of LMScast.

And if you’re an already successful expert, teacher or entrepreneur looking to grow, check out the LifterLMS team’s signature service called Boost. It’s a complete done for you set up service where your learning platform goes live in just 5 days.

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